Onward: To Rosario and Beyond

Sometime back in the “1980’s” we visited the Rosario Resort and Marina to celebrate an anniversary. On that day we spent our time ferrying, driving to, dining at the Rosario Resort and driving back to the mainland via the last ferry to get off the island. There were no rooms available at the “Inn” nor anywhere else on the Island that we could find. This was way before the explosion of VRBO locations and cellphones. So… back to wherever we needed to go to find a place to sleep for the night. Neither Les nor I can remember where we ended up…. but that doesn’t matter. What we do remember is the great time we had, before, during, and after a great dinner .

The memory department is a bit fuzzy on the facts… because the “great event” occurred more than 4 decades ago. We were enjoying our time, celebrating our good fortune of becoming and remaining partners on a voyage through life. As we dined on Chateaubriand whilst sipping a nice cab… Look! I was no longer a starving student eating Ramen noodles. Les and I were working hard. The Rosario was special. The chef was excellent. The company was better.

During our meal, the harmonious refrains of a piano began wafting their way through the bar area and restaurant. It was live, and the pianist was very good. We’d both noted the Grand sitting in the soft lighting of the bar as we walked past while we were ushered to our table. Just waiting it was… for someone to sit down and tickle its ivories.

The riffs coming from the piano were progressive, intricate, nuanced, perfectly delivered and seemed somehow familiar.  Our waiter came by to check on our gastronomic progress and I asked him who was playing and suggested to him that it sounded very much like George Winston.  He answered that it was George and that he had a place nearby.  He came in now and then when he was on the Island and played in the lounge just for fun.  Well lucky us!  George is still out there doing concerts.  He recently released his 16th album.  Funny little world, eh?

Great Northern berthed in the Rosario Marina… just to prove we were there…
After taking the above picture of GN, I turned around and took this snap. Great location, eh?
The Rosario Hotel
The indoor pool. Outdoor pool was closed for the season, but the indoor pool, spa tub and steam room were open for us to enjoy.
The grounds are very well kept.
Even chefs greenhouses have a view and are producing in late November…
This figurehead once adorned the bow of the “America” sailing ship built in 1874. She had several notable sailing records to her name: New York to San Francisco – 89 days; San Francisco to Liverpool 102 days. That’s around “the Horn” folks… She was wrecked on San Juan Island in 1914. She now lives within the grounds of the Resort. Note that she is looking to her left… EXACTLY where Great Northern is berthed.

For more information on the schooner America:


After our stay at the Rosario Marina we decided to motor over to Friday Harbor. We stayed there for several days and decided to make our way back to Port Ludlow due to deteriorating weather patterns.

After an 0700 departure from Friday Harbor we set our course to motor through Cattleman’s Pass. San Juan Island on the right, Lopez Island on the left, the Pass in the middle.
The Lighthouse on Cattle Point, San Juan Island.

So there we have it a series of posts covering a 10 day November cruise to the San Juans. Excellent weather and relaxing times. We’ll be going back soon

Blair, Les and Leo…

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