The Spring Equinox… So What’s in a Day…

As I type this, it is warmer outside my window than it has been. That being stated, there is a new blanket of snow visible up on the ramparts of Green Mountain, a foothill of the Olympics. The mountainous heights we gaze upon daily are still in the hardy grip of winter. In comparison, down here at sea level, daytime temperatures are creeping upwards. Our heavy down coats are giving way to lighter fleece and a windbreaker. Leo no longer needs a jacket. His long fur is enough to keep him warm.

Two nights ago, just to keep us honest and aware that we are in the blustery weather of early spring, a cold Southeasterly weather system blew like stink for a day and a half. Nothing unusual for the Southeasterly weather systems that appear over the winter and early spring, but… it was windy enough to stretch our dock lines and blow spray and flotsam up onto the dock.

What an interesting turn of phrase “blew like stink” is. In the olden days of the British Isles, winters were dark, wet and cold. Houses as well, were cold, dark and heated with wood or coal. By the end of winter, since hot water and baths were an uncommon luxury, it was a common enough thing to say on a windy day: “I’m going to go outside and blow the stink off”. Or some such gibberish… I can’t imagine that the same phrase would have been common for Hawaiian Islanders or the peoples of Equatorial Guinea, eh?

Today is March 20, 2021, the Spring Equinox. So what does that mean? Spring has officially been launched for the Northern hemisphere and autumn for the Southern hemisphere. At the equator, daylight and night are split close to down the middle at 12 hours each. In the Pacific Northwest, spring has sprung…

It started as it always does with the blooming of crocuses.

The early rhododendrons are breaking out their colors with reckless abandon

Other plants are presenting their floral offerings for bees, other insects and hummingbirds to feast on and participate in the sexual orgy of pollination…

Other plants are gearing up for their own personal growth and species propagation…

Spring is in the air in Port Ludlow… our little slice of Eden

It is warming up. April winds and showers will hopefully blend into milder May weather. Our plan is to leave Port Ludlow in early May and begin our cruising season up in the San Juan Islands. The Canadian border is still closed to American yachts, and it appears that for now it will remain that way. Our plan is to stay up in the islands for several months. When / if it starts getting “crowded”, we will then move down to the South Salish Sea to continue our explorations in the skinnier waters West of Anderson and McNeil Island. More to come…

One thought on “The Spring Equinox… So What’s in a Day…

  1. Little Leo is growing! What a beautiful dog he is !Rick and I have had our 2 Moderna doses so ready to travel at some point.  Just not sure when. It’s still pretty scary out there! Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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