Our First Snow Day of the Season… 2/13/21

Last night… the single and solitary frozen crystals drifting from the clouds gave way to a cornucopia of fledgling glider pilots bent on frosting the Earth with their mirth. Leo thought it a total hootsville and slip-dashed about the snowy decks only pausing to eat a biteful and dash off again to slip-slide about. I took videos, but I’m too cheap to pay more and update my WordPress plan so I can share videos. Oh well. The other chihuahuas we’ve had the honor of sharing time with were not the snow day type. Not our behemoth chi, Leo… He has no problem braving the drifts and ice and… he doesn’t bother with the famous chi shiver routine. Why bother with that WHEN THERE IS SNOW TO PLAY IN!!

So… this is what it looks like around Port Ludlow today at the docks:

The hotel and the pond:

Some of the frosted flora…

The beach… The water is 48 degrees F or there abouts… so… no snow for the most part.

And this was just last week. Go figure…

That is all. Thought I’d share my morning walk with ya’ll…

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