Pollo Affumicato Con Fungi Y Orecchiette (Smoked chicken with mushrooms and Orecchiette pasta)

I first tasted this amazing dish in a San Diego Point Loma restaurant named La Luna Notte.  I went home thinking about how I would make it and created my own version that I’ve added and subtracted to over the years.  Cooking is after all nothing more than chemistry in action…  As written, the recipe seems very… well… complicated.  If you have a 4 burner stove it is quite easy, but I once cooked it on a one burner camp stove in the Eastern Sierra Nevada… whilst drinking a really nice Beringer Knight’s Valley cabernet and gazing upon Mount Whitney at sunset.  And it was fabulous…  Another note… you have permission to open a bottle of your favorite sipping wine… it assists the subconscious mind to access and surface the deep creative gastronomic processes hiding within… There are 4 main parts to prep this exquisite pasta dish.

1.       A concoction of olive oil, red onion, mushrooms, garlic, spices
2.       Chicken thighs with salt, pepper and instant smoke
3.       Alfredo Sauce
4.       Cooked Orecchiette pasta
5.       Prep / cooking of incidental additives: spinach, broccoli, or

The following URL should get you access to the full recipe if you want it. If the URL doesn’t work… then let me know via email and I will forward it to you.


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