Virus aside, as if we could just push it out of the way, it is Spring in the Northwest…

Les and I took Kai out for a walkie… Not to worry… not to worry. Canadians are pretty good about keeping a 2 meter space if they meet you on the walkway. We met a few people on our trek. Smiles all about, but 2+ meters seems to be the distance. Not that there all that many people out and about, and most are going to, in or coming back from grocery stores and pharmacies. Spirits seem to be OK up here, but awareness is key and the few peeps we met on our walkabout kept their distance. I for one… hold my breath when passing someone (as if that would do any good) but it makes my corpus feel better. In BC we do have Covid-19, but anyone testing positive in in isolation at home. That’s the theory anyway and they are testing a lot.

When I see someone walking about, my microbiome gets the heebe geebies… and I can almost feel them recoiling and attempting to steer me back to the boat… but it is spring afterall, and everything is blooming. After a rainy couple of months… blue, cloudless skies need to be witnessed up close and personal. Here are some of the blooms we saw on our short hike about 200 meters from the boat:

Buds in a crack…
Bloom in a crack
Moss and lichen… and yes it is on bare rock. How kewl…
A forest of creatures…
The view just the other side of the breakwater at the Marina. The sandy part is the Sidney spit, a popular day anchorage, and of course Mount Baker hunkering in the background.

That’s it for now… Be gentle. Be smart. Wash your hands and sanitize everything in sight… Often. Les and I are thinking about all ya all…

2 thoughts on “Virus aside, as if we could just push it out of the way, it is Spring in the Northwest…

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