Deep Thought For the Day

Thought up and written down by Blaise Pascal a mid-1600’s French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and more:

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Prophetic one, that.

Bake some bread… particularly if you never have done so.

Wash your hands meaningfully… with intention… and often. It’s OK to sip a glass of fine wine… alone. I will share a sip with Kai. He likes wine. Les will have tonic on ice. We still have limes.

Make a nice healthful soup for dinner. Make lots and freeze some. Last night I made hamburger / hot Italian sausage soup laced with onions, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, carrot, broccoli, and asparagus spiced with lots of chili powder and a dash of cayenne pepper for some extra kick and sinus clearing, fresh ground black pepper, sea salt, fresh ground Italian spice mix (in solidarity with our Italian brethren) and to round out the mid-tone taste treat, a dash of the cabernet I was drinking, I mean sparingly sipping while cooking and adding treats to my smoking soup cauldron. It was just what we needed!

Stay close, but not THAT close. Keep in touch. Text. Email. When it all boils down… what we have left are each other… And that’s OK… There never really was more than just that.

4 thoughts on “Deep Thought For the Day

  1. People coming and going. Imagine working hard to protect and guide the general public all day then on your drive home you see crowds carrying on with their holiday. Not heading advice. People going about their regular day. Time to cut the dock lines and head north to Sidney spit, a beach that stretches out before you.


    1. There were a number of boats out there today…its the first time we’ve seen anyone anchored there for awhile. 45 knot winds there a few days ago! Eek!!


  2. Went for a nice boat ride today. Fueled up with just under 1000 liters… the Canadtan dollar is at .69 so we saved a lot. 6 boats out at the spot. Sun. No wind. Spring is with us…


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