Port Browning, North Pender Island

We arrived at Port Browing after a leisurely 15 mile passage from Sidney on the auspicious afternoon of October 31st. Our plan is to stay here for the month of November, and move over to Victoria for December, and if all goes well this monhth we will come back to Port Browning for January-March. During the passage from Sidney, there were a few mild areas of turbulence where differing currents met and comingled, but for the most part we had timed the passage for the currents to give us a push. Twas good planning… As you can see from the photo below as we neared Point Fairfax, Moresby Island (on the left side of the picture), and South Pender Island can be seen in the misty distance just behind it (about 4 miles further). The island on the right is Stuart Island, in the USA where Reid Harbor and Prevost Harbor are lovely anchorages. As you can see, the seas were flat and there was no wind to speak of. Now that sailing is in our near past… that is how we like it!

Our berth at Port Browing
Autumn Morning Light, Port Browing
Looking out past Port Browning past Razer Point (on left)

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