It’s About the Trees…

Do they know?

How they frame a scene and proffer dimension to our thoughts

And modify our feelings about time and space

As they dance within the vagaries of the wind…

Twin seedlings together at birth

Together through life

What have they seen

Who was their witness

When is their time

Do they still whisper to each other

As the wind caresses their souls…

Graceful decay

The nurse sighs the deepest breath

Uplifting new life

As the circle continues

And slows time down

For those who brave her beckoning gaze…

Like my HAT?

Bigger than yours…


Lonely sentinal

Bearing witness

Can you still feel the wind in your outstretched arms

And the bite of the ax

You might have become an athabascan longhouse

Or a war canoe

As your sisters and brothers before you

Where are you now…

Few words can describe this gnarly discovery on Tod Inlet…


The usual road kill

Saw some up on Main Street

Lets go before the crows get it all…

It’s over there guys

A man with a little dog

Taking our pictures

Seems to be clucking

Or something…

Dat do Dat do Dat do DAT DAT do

Dat do Dat do


2 thoughts on “It’s About the Trees…

  1. Just cracked open an Anchor Steam and am enjoying my submersion into “Trees.” Wait! I’ve personally seen, smelled and felt some of those trees. Love the poetry. Brings back good memories.


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