And Then… They Brought Out The Dahlias

A peek at other parts of the Garden:

An unusual design, eh?
This Totem was nearly invisible placed high up on the wall of the “Quarry” garden area. Only visible via a 40x telephoto setting on my phone camera. That is what makes Butchart so special. Details. Imagination, expert designers, gardeners, and worker bees.
A worker… plying his / her / its trade
Guardian of the pond
Back home. Regardless of anchorage, dock, or country… home is where Great Northern is. Just then… Todd Inlet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, North America, Planet Earth was our home… smudged by the wispy smoke of a distant forest fire up Island.

I hope you enjoyed these images. If you ever get the chance… do make a pilgrimage to Butchart at any time of the year. We are hoping to return, weather permitting, during the Christmas season. They do put on a “show”…

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