Day Five: The Quantum Entanglement of Yon.

“What a Difference a Day Makes”, a popular song originally written in Spanish by María Grever, a Mexican songwriter, in 1934.  We’re not talking about the suit salesman here people!  Prevost Harbor, 10 nautical miles Northwest of Garrison Bay. A different day.  Very close to Yon.  In fact, superimposed upon Yon.  Esta Maravillosa, como no?

View to the North
View to the East
View to the South
View to the West

Hmmm… three boats in the Harbor so far. It is Memorial Day. Compared to the thriving metropolis of Garrison Bay, with its 20 or so boats over the holiday weekend… Prevost is a fringe outpost.  A trifling.  No more than a hop, skip and a splash across Boundary Pass from Canada, with ravens chit chatting in the trees close to where we anchored, tucked in next to Satellite Island.

We weighed anchor at Garrison just after 11:00, and had the anchor down in Prevost at 12:45 or so. Leaving Garrison, we used the Mosquito Pass option to the North, transited Roche Harbor and exited Roche out the pass between Henry Island and Pearle Island. That gave us a more favorable course so we could capitalize on the Southerly current between San Juan Island and Stuart Island. At times we had up to a 2 knot push in our favor.

Along the way we captured a few stills of Turn Point and its well appointed lighthouse.

Meta was watching my every navigational move. She does that…
The real Metaphor in all her glory
Daddy’s little girl
Turn Point Lighthouse

Just before we entered the harbor, there were a few eagles and vultures having a discussion about a food source. Couldn’t tell what it had been… After we anchored, the sun came out. Ravens were chatting in the woods on Satellite Island. Pigeon Guillemots were feeding around the boat. According to Merlin, one of my bird programs from Cornell, there are Pacific-Slope Flycatchers, White-Crowned Sparrows, Orange-Capped Warblers, Robins and others twitting about in the woods close by.

Happy to be back at one of our favorite anchorages in the San Juans

Anyway… off for an afternoon walk to say hello to the Erikson Farm girls if they are out and about:

An aside: Does anyone know what this rock formation represents? Tiny basaltic extrusions, or garden variety sediment laying on it’s side after a good churning?


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