Winter Has Arrived On the Peninsula

Monochromatic clouds rippled with back-lighting.  Mottled textures.  Firs, hemlocks and cedars thrust their needle studded arms into that ether. Or so it appears… as I gaze at the visual offerings outside the windows of the salon.  Bands of leafless deciduous red alders, separate the greenish blackness of the stands of firs… a contrasting palate of hazy brown with white highlights.  Winter.  Sub-freezing temperatures lock it into stillness and non-mechanized silence. Achingly serene. The archive of a quiet storm.

A view from Great Northern looking southwest towards the village of Port Ludlow.  Snow covered Green Mountain with the backdrop of the Olympics standing guard. 
The little fangs of frozen water line up as the temperature drops.  Happy little beasts they are… What do they protect against, if anything?
As the great ice fields of the arctic and antarctic shift and spawl, littering the sea with ancient ice… The wind and a feckless current shatters the thin ice sheet covering our little bay…  into wandering island floes.
A bridge over troubled water on the Rainier trail.  One of our favorites, and part of Les’s daily hiking ritual.
Burner Point in all its glory… with a covering of melted marshmallow…
Beach access… disguised as an avalanche chute.
Plumbing repair truck in need of a helping hand… in the village… slick roads, eh?
Ice in the marina pond.
The view just doesn’t get much better than this. A view of outer Port Ludlow Bay, Tala Point center right, Foul Weather Bluff, center left.
The outer bay.  Tala Point in the background
The farmland of Beaver Valley, Chimicum with a view to the rear through the car mirror.
An ice dagger. 17 degree style
Just the two of us at the Brentwood Bay Resort on the Sanich Peninsula, British Columbia, circa 2019. The Brentwood is close to Butchart Gardens.  The resort has a lovely 5 star restaurant and the bonus:  a place for us to dock the boat, and access to a hot tub. Wish we were there… sort of. We do enjoy winter with its moods and landscape change… but the summer is also nice AND WARM!!!

Stay warm.  Stay well.

…Blair, Les, and Leo…

5 thoughts on “Winter Has Arrived On the Peninsula

  1. Hey, you two! Looks gorgeous but cold. Everyone here is griping about a wet and stormy 46*. Ha!
    Life is pretty much the same here at CCYC. So thankful to be living in our bubble here, with all the madness going on elsewhere!
    We just had the 3 grandkids on board for 3 days of Christmas cheer. Whew! They love the boat life, which is a gift we are pleased to give them.
    We miss our spirited debates with you both over Mexican breakfast.
    May 2022 be a year of great comfort and joy!
    Mike and Diane Cook


    1. So good to hear from you. Yes it is a mad world out there, but fairly easy to tuck away out of harm’s reach from the deck of a boat… have a most pleasant and safe New Year… We are enjoying the cruising life.


  2. Looks beautiful and cold up there! A lovely picture of you and Les!!Wishing you both a Happy New Year filled with health, wealth and happiness!  ❤❤🤗🤗Elaine Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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