What Do You Do…

What do you do when your dreams come true… or when you at minimum, engender the illusion that they have indeed come true?  I’m hoping that is a state of mind that you’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced now and then while traipsing along your beguiling path.  It can be an arduous affair… becoming what your intentions dream up.  Actions taken.  Actions discarded or reshaped.  Actions, none the less. Many of them, set like stepping stones along a meandering brook, or others filled with offside cracks, dodgy handholds, sheer drop-offs will little room for error, but in the end: immense reward.

Humans do seem to have a propensity to march about doing things.  Sometimes with intention, and sometimes just to burn off some energy and angst.  At the end of the day, we so often forget, or take the time to sit in a quiet place, contemplating and celebrating what we have accomplished or attained, or how a perfectly well thought out dreamscape faltered… and why.

I’m hoping that you still dream, and still take those minute, progressive up, down or sideways steps necessary to put those dreams to good use, carving into, transmogrifying, and updating your path.  Do remember to set aside an evaluative spec of time every now and then… to ponder the why of it all.  I’ve found that lounging on the afterdeck of Great Northern, after dinner, in the lingering summer light of dusk, darkness and sleep in the offing, with that contemplative undertaking assisted by a sip or two of a nice cab or zin.

Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island, San Juan Archipelago
Dusk. Hunter Bay, Lopez Sound, San Juan Archipelago
North Lopez Sound, San Juan Archipelago
Port Ludlow Bay
The twins. Different species, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar (I think). Assisted living at its best…
Todd Inlet, Sannich Peninsula, Vancouver Island
A spring Trillium
Montague Bay, Galiano Island, British Columbia

And so the dream continues. This summer we spend two and a half months up in the San Juan Archipelago and 9 days down in South Puget Sound. It seems likely that we will be returning back to the San Juans to finish off the summer and early fall. We still aren’t sure where we will spend this winter. The most likely place will be Port Ludlow, a magnifient loccation with a special bay, marina, and the village of Port Ludlow. It is important to note that we still dream. We still plan. We still transmogrify whenever possible. What will the future bring?

That is buried in our collective dreams…

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