A Quick Note; 6/11/21

Leo, Master at Arms, M/V Great Northern

You said a dinghy ride! You said! You said!

This is a PASSAGE!

Well… let’s get on with it… I’m at my station.

So… as I write this we are back at Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes. Gateway to the San Juan Islands so some say. I’m not sure Great Northern knows exactly how to cope with that fact, being at a gateway and all, and tethered to a dock in a real, live marina. While cruising to our usual haunts, she is quite happy to be tethered to our chosen spot by a hefty anchor and a lot of heavy chain slowly swinging about depending on the vagaries of the wind that makes its way into the anchorage.

Just now she has a double bow tether, fore and aft spring lines and two stern lines expertly tied per Bowditch’s instructive text… to actual dock cleats. Boat bondage. She needs that now and then. Its a restful and centering kind of thing. It gives her a chance to practice her Kundalini meditation exercises instead of worrying about keeping her protoplasmic inhabitants safe. She has a steady supply of 120 volt joy juice and there is enough fresh water for her to get a long overdue bath to remove the salt, dust and collected bits of flotsam that decided to attach to her hull in various places above the waterline. Below the waterline she is growing a garden of delights… That’s for a diver to deal with. Such is the life that her vagabundo caretakers expose her to. Then again, this is the life she was designed to sustain.

Great Northern in her normal habitat: Anchored in Garrison Bay, San Juan Island:

So why are we at Cap Sante and where have we been since the last post? Well, after Blind Bay… we explored / visited:

  • Friday Harbor on San Juan Island
  • Echo Bay on Sucia Island (beautiful but rolly and uncomfortable…)
  • San Juan Island’s Garrison Bay for a few days
  • Reid Harbor on Stuart Island
  • Back to Blind Bay
  • Cap Santa, Anacortes to pick up some friends
  • Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island
  • Back to Garrison (think Westcott Bay Oysters…yummm!)
  • Roche Harbor (marina par excellence)
  • Reid Harbor to get out of some weather (Not very foul, but a good excuse)
  • Friday Harbor (marina, good restaurants, grocery, shops, San Juan Brewery)
  • Blind Bay
  • Cap Santa, Anacortes (to drop off friends

Some pictures of those delightful experiences:

So, we’ve been out plying the PNW waters, zeroing in on the San Juan Islands for more than a month. I will admit that posts to this blog have been sparse and will most likely continue to be that way. I doubt that is a problem for most… I enjoy putting them together and I hope some of you like to look at the pretty pictures. The main reason… no, limited or spotty wifi which makes it harder to upload pictures. The secondary reason: taking the time to do it, which takes away from ogling the wonderful sights that can be ogled up here. Call me lazy. I own it. I’m retired…

We are filling the water tanks and will hit the post office and grocery before we leave tomorrow morning. Weather wise it looks like Blind Bay will be a safe bet for the next couple of days. I’ll figure out a way to cope with that…

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note; 6/11/21

  1. Love to see where you were, are, and going. See lots of stuff, ponder, see more, ponder, then write. I can wait. Leo, Master at Arms, is cute.


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