A Slow Cruse Up Lopez Sound: Hunter Bay to Spencer Spit; 5/12/21

After 4 days of bliss wrapped in the solitude, quiet and mostly wind free Hunter Bay, we decided to hoist the anchor and cruise up to Spencer Spit, 4.6 nautical miles (NM) to the North. The Spit and Frost Island bracket the North end of Lopez Sound. We were in no hurry and loped along around at 1000 rpm making between 5.2 to 5.6 knots. Lollygag speed… Here is the view over the bow as we left Hunter:

From left to right: West Shore of Lopez Sound, Spencer Spit State Part, Frost Island with Orcas Island the brooding backdrop, a Washington State ferry, Blakely Island
A view back towards Hunter Bay. Two boats… just 2 boats… One of them houses John and LuAnne whom we’ve gotten to know quite well. They departed Hunter as well after we did, and ended up at Roche Harbor. The marina at Deer Harbor on Orcas was full. Imagine that…

For anyone who cares… here is the chart view of our course:

Taken at a point 3.57 miles from our destination. Speed 5.3 knots at the time. 40min26Sec to go. San Juan cruising at sailboat speed with all the comforts of home.

The sights as we passed through the Sound:

A summer home. Many do live hear round, but this one looks a bit shuttered.
An older “A” frame, a 70’s solution…
A year round “cottage”.

Frost Island on the left, North Decatur Island on the right and Blakeley Island peering through the North inlet to Lopez Sound
This is the area we’ve chosen to anchor on just South of the Spit.
And there we are…
One lone sailboat shares the South side of the Spit anchorage with us. And of course there is a harbor seal gliding past…
All is qjuiet on the South side of the Spit. On the North side there are 3 boats anchored.
Here we are set for the night… What will tomorrow bring. More cruising I presume…

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