After the Magnificence of the Worm Moon… What Could Be Left…

A small project: adding a well placed shelf!

A lonely, disorganized landscape situated on the stairway to the master cabin.
Collect the tools…Oh there were a few more including a small handheld router and lots of clamps to create fences hold work in place while cutting wood and plastic stock
Stain the Alder with an appropriate color to match the teak fiddle (to keep things from falling out if it gets rough) Deft clear wood finish is the bomb. Spray multiple coats of gloss on every 15 minutes or so and finish with a coat of satin. Perfecto!

Of course there were a few more steps, cutting a dado in the back of the fiddle to fit over the outer edge of the Plexiglas shelf to provide support. Easily done with a handheld router using a fence held in place with clamps. The alder was left over from another shelving project and the fiddle was cut from the face of a teak shelving unit that had been removed from the main salon to make room for the lounge chairs.

All told 4 hours or so of total work. The spray lacquer really speeds up application and dry times. Of course… the project was done on a boat… so the shelf is not square. That’s were the door skin strips and a glue gun come in handy. A carpenter friend in Oregon made up the strips for me 2 years ago and this project finished off that batch… I will be needing more…

Just another day in the life of a retired live-a-board…

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