An Introduction is in order: Our New Master-At-Arms

We’ve had them before… what yacht has flitted about the waterways without one? Eh? One does need perimeter security to alert the contingent to untoward perturbation. Once aggressors have broached the perimeter, inadvertent as most are, or intentional as some are… one must have a defense mechanism at play.

The thing about chihuahuas in general… is their unadulterated spirit. They are very strong considering their size, loyal… sometimes to a fault, brave beyond the genetic determinations of their diminutive size, and… perhaps reverent. Reverence in this case, is just a hairs breadth further down the hierarchy that started with… loyal. That seems to be their purpose. Master-At-Arms (MAA) for the pack, whether genetic or inherited. Once in, they are all in.

Whether tidily ensconced upon a lap, hangin by the front door just cuz, or patrolling the perimeter… their collective attributes make them are perfect for the job: Master-At-Arms.

This is Leo… our adopted MAA:

Now you may think… that this multicolored ball of fluff may not be up to the assignment. Well… his teeth have already conquered his stuffed weasel, flattened his stuffed turtle, bitten the beak off of his stuffed little ducky (sad) and flung his chihuahua sized tennis ball around in reckless abandon. We call it puppy exuberance, PE…

Leo seems to consult with his spirit dogs on a regular basis… Here he is in deep communion. After retrieving said tennis ball at least 10 times, he’s asking them… “why me?”

Fingers might be tasty, but I mostly just lick them. Wouldn’t want to scare a pack member by using my incredibly sharp teef…

I’m on guard! No… really, I’m on guard…

3 thoughts on “An Introduction is in order: Our New Master-At-Arms

  1. Awwww hello everyone AHHHH I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE WITH LEO!!!! He’s such an adorable master at arms. he seems to take his job very seriously

    we miss you guys glad to see you’re all doing well.

    love janine



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