About Canadian Geese…

When I was playing intramural soccer at U Dub, we’d practice on the Hec Edmondson outdoor field… or whatever it was called back in 1972 or so…

It was a lovely location on the edge of Lake Washington.  It was also on the flight path for Canadian geese making their way from the Canadian Tundra to parts South and back. They would land on Hec Ed… and sleep and graze and shit.  Yes indeedy folks… That is what happened… as dog is my witness…

Now I’m not talking about just a couple of geese here. I’m talking hundreds, many several hundreds of foraging, geese spreading their “exhaust” all over the Hec Ed sports field. Imagine your soccer cleats after practice and after a game… when you don’t have time to miss the slimy tootsie roll sized piles of exhaust.

I’m talking about not wanting to slip and fall people! To slip and fall… was akin to being tarred and feathered.  There was one silver lining… if you fell and were baptized in goose exhaust… it was easier to dribble upfield… no one wanted to get close enough for contact! Was it fun? Dog yes!

Clean up was a bucket of bleach…

That being said… I’m quite fond of geese.

That is all for today…

2 thoughts on “About Canadian Geese…

  1. You were playing on the UW land fill, when I was young and my family needed to go to the dump this was the place we went. Geese love that kind of good ground.

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