A Walk Through My Garden: The Timberton Loop Trail

The Timberton Loop Trail, a variegated pathway.  It encapsulates an abandoned golf course, traverses glades where Trilliums bloom and fern grotto’s thrive. Salal and Oregon grape are dispersed throughout the region, and loamy trails bisect groves of red alders, Douglas fir, red cedar and hemlock. A misty two lane dirt and grass track weaves it’s way through a series of beaver ponds.  It is exactly the proper style of walkabout that induces the sort of accomplished thirst that only a cold and well-crafted IPA can slake.

The trailhead for this stroll begins with a short traipse up a two lane gravel road. From there one can meander about the abandoned golf course with trails that bisect the course in many ways. The meanderings utilize the aging asphalt roads build for golf carts, grassy pathways and wooded paths. Or you can quickly wander about of the course area onto different loop trails. The longest and most varied is The Timberton Loop.

The main trailhead is just a half a mile from the “village” of Port Ludlow.

It is late April and the flowers are in full bloom along the trails.

Many different types of paths are utilized along the Loop

A slug clad in a shiny Darth Vader black. Probably a Arian ater or Black Arian. And we all know that the Pacific Northwest is slug central…

This variety is quite common on the Loop.

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