Sittin on a Dock in the Bay… Just passin….

Otis passed many years ago… A plane crash took him from us as one took many others, including one of Texas’s best, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I still can’t play anything close to the blues riffs that he so mastered and literally beat out of his Fender Stratocaster guitars… And I sure can’t sing like Otis…

Then there was Bill Withers of “Lean on Me”, “Lovely Day”, and “Ain’t No Sunshine (When She’s Gone) fame. He was 81 years old this year and had one hell of a run. Covid-19, not a plane crash took him from us. Covid-19.

Now here’s something I bet you didn’t know… and according to the Google machine: In Bill’s early years, a demo tape got into the hands of Clarence Avant, an executive at Sussex Records, and Withers was soon called into the studio to record an album with producer Booker T. Jones, bassist Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Stephen Stills on guitar. The demo tape was”Ain’t No Sunshine”. A song I’ve loved for years. Hmmm.. Stephen Stills, one of my guitar heroes… who knew….

Les, Kai and I are in self isolation as I type this, as are so many others. I’ve been retired now since 4/6/19… so it’s been a year since I’ve been gainfully employed. But I think about all of those across America who live pay check to pay check and those who live day to day. Scared. Not able to work. Not able to go out and earn their next meal… Joni Mitchell sang about it so long ago with a lyric woven into one of her songs: “will work for food”. There were tears behind my eyes hearing that then in her haunting voice, and there are tears behind them now. They can’t work for food… and the Federal Government is failing them and us. All of us. Opportunity after opportunity has been systematically squandered. It could have been better and should have been better, but we are where we are.

Think of those living day to day as you make your way through yours. Think of the human race as you plod along the pathway presented. The world is on fire, literally. The human race is on fire, literally. Hunker down. Stay isolated until it is not necessary. Be careful when you shop for essentials. Disinfect anything brought into your abode. Quarantine if you become ill. Protect yourself and those around you. Listen to science. And as an old cowboy friend of mine once said: “Don’t let nobody fill yer ear fulla bullshit”. Good advice always.

And remember…

The sun still rises in the East
The sun still sets in the West
Even if there are clouds... 
Its still happening people!
That's the way science works

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