Now… About Splicing Nylon Rope To That Anchor Chain…

Why would you care? No reason, but it is sunny outside in Sidney, the marina is in lock down.  Thank dog!  We are cozy and no longer have virus shedding look-e-loos walking the docks, peering in our windows, and wishing they lived on a boat.  Its been warm and sunny and the lubs are feeling cooped up in their landlocked abodes.  “Hey let’s go look at boats.  We’ll be out in the fresh air and there couldn’t be any real virus load down there in the fresh air.”  There are always some who come late to any party…

They strut into the marina and wander about stopping and looking at million dollar sailboats and 2.5 million dollar 65 foot trawlers.  You see it all play out in their eyes and posturing.  He is strutting around looking important and knowledgeable, sporting a 3 day beard just so he looks the part, the world traveling scalawag, salt water coursing through his veins. She is hanging back, a respectful 2 meters, eyes glazed, shoulders turned away from the action, used to the charade.  Not a chance babe, not a chance.  When pigs fly!  It was and is different for Les and I.  She loves to look at boats and she’ll be the first one down in the engine room checking things out, while I’m up in the galley checking out the stove etc.  I cook, she cleans.  I always get to the engine room, and find her down there and then we look at the rest of the boat…  Anyway, the look-e-loos will be back at some point, and I’ll be glad for it, because it will mean that social distancing is no longer needed.  But I think we all know that time is pretty far down the river…

So back to my splice and all that.  We only have 300 feet of anchor chain.  A respectable amount, but I fear we will be anchoring out quite a bit over the next several months sequestering ourselves way out of the mainstream.  I tried to get 400 feet of chain, but found that only recently modern chain (G4) is available.  My 33 year old windlass will not take that kind.  It wants BBB chain, an older type of chain and none is readily available.  So… I’m just adding 200 feet of ¾ inch nylon 8 ply rode which will need to be spliced to the end of the current chain I have.  Not a problem.  Splices are no harder than simple macramé, which I learned to do in high school if you can believe it… and I have done several splices.  I will hire a professional rigger to do it if I can, but with the virus out and about prowling for fresh meat, that may not be possible.  Enough of that.  Whilst cruising the net for clear examples of how to do 8 ply nylon rope to chain splices I found a wonderful testing method to be sure that your splices are up to scratch:

Keep the distance.  Disinfect.  Wash your hands.

One thought on “Now… About Splicing Nylon Rope To That Anchor Chain…

  1. Both me and my crew are so glad to see our old lovely girl friend getting such wonderful and loving care.

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