Christmas Holidays… a View from the bridge

This is what it looks like to cruise in the Northwest.. Great Northern wishes all a Merry Christmas

Kai… on high alert, deep into his Zen moment, and thinking about some lamb popsicle thing that’s gotten into his Chihuahua head… is also dreaming that all will have a Merry christmas…

She’s a bit embarrassed, but puts up with us and protects us…
The Empress hotel and the moon… scream Merry Christmas
Kai’s Duckie suggests that quack.. all should really quack.. and diligently quack.. seek that all have a Merry quack.. Christmas
The Parliament Building speaks in a very soft, diminutive voice about a Merry Christmas…

From our current location on Earth at 48.4284 degrees N, 123.3656 degrees W, Les Kai and I wish all ya all to have a great Christmas Eve, Christmas, and a fabulous upcoming New Year…

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